Using Web 2.0

There are a number of websites, including my own, that can support you in implementing web 2.0 tools in your school. I have put a simple list of them here for the moment and have embedded a presentation I use to give an overview of web 2.0.

Educational software and web 2.0 - A very large index of online tools with resources and some examples of the tools in action.

Learning Web 2.0 - A detailed look at blogs and wikis as well as 44 tools you can use in conjunction with these. Each tool has a full page with examples and tutorials on how to use them.

Spudbiz -This wiki from a high school classroom has a number of useful resources with screen shots for applications and web 2.0

Classroom 2.0 Wiki -Organised by type of tool and alternatively by subject area, this is a very useful site with ideas on how to apply to teaching and learning for the tools discussed.

Mobile Technology in TAFE - A great site with step-by-step tutorials for a number of Web 2.0 tools.

EduWikis - Another brilliant wiki with a list of useful resources.

Web 2.0 Wiki - Very similar content to this site but structured quite differently and without information on software options.

Wiki Support - This is a very clear and easy to use guide to wikis and the things you can add to them. Has a useful list of links to try.

Images, Sound, Video - This website has a HUGE list of software and links that you could spend forever going through. Very thorough.

List of e-Tools - Over 700 of them organised by type.

ICT in Science Education - Again, a thorough index of ICT tools that can be used with an emphasis on science but often good for all subject areas.

Da Tools of the Trade - A website with links to tools compiled by a secondary teacher. Very thorough.

Arigara2.0 / Arigea2.0 - Another wiki with a list of useful resources.

ClassTech - A wiki with detailed resources for blogging in the Classroom, wikis, podcasting, RSS - Bringing the Web to You and Digital Storytelling

Educational Origami - Integration of ICT into a range of areas such as blooms and learning styles. Also general information on web 2.0 tools.

Make Use of - A huge bank of free software and online tools - not designed for education but still useful.

Grazing for Digital Natives - A wiki by a staff development facilitator, STAR Discovery Educator, and Keystone Technology Integrator in the US. It has resources for workshops she has run on a number of web 2.0 tools - very useful.

Communicty - Another wiki with a summary of some useful tools that educators can use. Some good resources here.

Te Whakatipurangahou ICT PD cluster
A great selection of links and resources for different tools.

Multimedia Tools - A PBWiki set up for educators.

Cool Tools for Schools - another index of tools by Lenva Shearing

Getting Tricky with Wikis - everything you would ever need to know about wikispaces