Software options for schools

Software licences can be very expensive so you do need to be careful when buying and you have to provide enough support so that the software is actually used.

Freeware, Shareware and online tools

The first thing to be aware of is that there are many great FREE options around. There are a number of websites that list great free software for schools and Here is a list of some of them (and for online tools see the web 2.0 page of the wiki):

Educational software and web 2.0 - one of mine with a huge number of links to free options for schools
The Free Mac - a website set up by a teacher showing freeware for Macs that can be used in education
MOE Software for Learning - excellent site with details on software for schools including where to get it (and purchase it for those that cost)
OpenSource CPD - A catalogue of open source tools for education.
Educational Freeware - A list of downloadable and online applications and activities.
K12 Open Source Software - An excellent wiki with information on a range of open source software options for schools to investigate.

Some of my favourite freeware is: Anything Google, GIMP and Cmap.

Software that costs money

However, you will need to pay at times. Check out the MOE Software for Learning site to see if there are any deals that they have negotiated with companies and to see who are the local suppliers. There is also info on paid software on my Educational software and web 2.0 wiki.

Innes Kennard has also negotiated excellent deals for both Comic Life ($4 a machine) and I Can Animate ($10 a machine) both of which are now available on both platforms. I have uploaded the flyers for both these deals for you to download and send to Innes.

My top list of paid software that I like to work with is: Kidpix, Comic Life and Clicker 5