Reaching the reluctant teachers

It can be hard to get everyone moving down the path of using ICT in their classrooms when many feel they have a successful programme already and that managing the use of the ICT is too big a headache. So how do you move them forward? Some of the suggestions under monitoring should help with this but here are a few more links that might be useful as well.

Jamie McKenzie
Jamie McKenzie has done some thinking around this which might help. He always has great down to earth suggestions.

Richard Millwood:
1 I wonder whether focussing on some individual learners and privately demonstrating transformational gains for them - eg reluctant writers becoming confident through word-processing, work done at home, collaborative video productions, a vital 'ah-hah' moment which motivates a reluctant child... for this, the ICT leader has to gather data and evidence and share it without commentary or judgement.
2 How about displays of work, awards and learner recognition in assemblies? Again the key is showing specific, attributable success rather than generalised feel-good.
3 Then there's the stick - key announcements, reporting and school business providing meaningful and purposeful reasons to personally engage.
4 ...and the carrots - playful and creative time together where ICT benefits are in evidence for the teacher as a learner in th context of professional development - in the privacy that will allow risks and confidence to build.
5 And professional recognition - for critical friendship which identifies weaknesses in the approaches that derive from ICT.